US leadership, not partisanship, desperately needed for peace in Western Sahara

November 2010

Recently we made the case for a more active US role in the Western Sahara peace process, prompting a constructive response from former US diplomats Ambassador Edward Gabriel and Mr Robert Holley, who now work as lobbyists for the Kingdom of Morocco. In their posting, Gabriel and Holley agree that a strong US role is needed but they claim that we are proposing a solution based on a referendum with independence as an option. Nowhere in our recent article or even the previous one posted in the Middle East Channel did we suggest such a thing.

Letter to Middle East Policy Journal (re: I.W. Zartman’s “Time for a Solution in the Western Sahara Conflict”)

April 2009

To the Editors: I would like to bring to your attention some factual errors in a recent article authored by Professor I.W. Zartman (‘Time for a Solution in the Western Sahara Conflict’) and published in your journal’s Winter 2007 edition (Vol. XIV, No.4, pp. 178-183).

Algeria, the Maghreb Union, and the Western Sahara Stalemate

July 1995

Article in Arab Studies Quarterly, Vol. 17; No. 3 (Summer 1995)